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We aim to raise money to prepare “comfort-kits” for Victim Services to distribute to Domestic and Sexual Assault victims. These kits include items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wipes, hair elastics, pads, deodorant, and small gift cards for food. We also have kits for men and children.  We already know that assault is traumatizing, so we hope that these kits can allow for an easier recovery. 

St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose does not currently have a sexual assault doctor who is available to assess assault victims. Victims that have experienced assault in the area are taken to Red Deer or Edmonton for care. As a result, this process is drawn out longer than usual and depending on the victim’s situation they may not be able to arrange for personal or hygienic items to be brought to them. The care packages provided by CAAVA intend to ease this process by providing a few essential items within a shorter time-period. 

Comfort-kits And Activism by a Volunteer Alliance is a stand alone non-for-profit organization and we are currently not affiliated or funded by any other organization. We encourage people to give monetary donations so we can ensure that the best items are placed into our care kits of assault victims. However, if you are a local business and would like to donate items or products for our upcoming events and fundraisers for silent auctions, please reach out to us via email or contact us page. 

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